Here you have with delay to the legend-finnish-band Finntroll. Sadly Somnium(Finntroll, Impaled Nazarene, Barathrum) died recently in an accident, but i publish this interview because i think it may interest all of us. So, this one goes for Finntroll, TrollhorN, Somnium and all the people thad had something to do with him. Long life to the TROLL!!!

1.-Finntroll was born when two of i´ts members began to play folk melodies... I wonder how drunk you were, How was it? Tell us whatever you want about you band, from then to now
When Finntroll was born, in that mysterious night, I was propably sleeping at home, heh, because at that time I didn´t know any of those guys. I know, though, that Somnium was drinking and doing his goth-project "Shadowworld" with Katla and some other guys that night, and in the wee hours of the morning, while the other members went to buy some more beer, he got bored and started to play the riff from "Midnattens Widunder". While the other fellows came back, he already had half of the song completed. And thus the first basis of Finntroll´s music were born! And judging from th guys´ drinking habits, they were VERY drunk, heh. Back then it was all about having fun, and our goals haven´t changed since then. We don´t want to be the biggest band in the world, we just care about good music, good friends and lots of beer and mead.

2-The new CD must be ready soon, doesn´t it? Tell us things about it, how were the recording sessions? How is going this CD to be? Will it keep Finntroll folky feeling? *sob* We have only a couple of songs ready, but we will most likely unleash a new mini-cd, which will be recorded within a month. It will contain acoustic/experimental songs from the both albums and maybe a couple of new songs also. Folky feeling? Well, this is going to sound more folky than ever!!!!!!

3.- You had to cancel the last european tour, why? When will we be able to enjoy Finntroll in Spain?
The tour was cancelled because of the broken tour bus, and we didn´t have any time to get as cheap bus as the previous was, and we didn´t of course have any extra money to get "just some bus, no matter what it costs". The whole incident was pretty weird anyway.... I hope no-one didn´t fool us, which came into my suspicious mind. You will enjoy our music in Spain, and we will enjoy Spanish beer as soon as someone books us to play there, which would be extremely cool.

4.- What is your fauvorite sexual position? What tips would you give us about it? hohoho
My favourite sexual position is of course anything that involves physical pleasure! "Whatever keeps the lil´ bro happy", as they say. ;) Tips? Take of your pants, get a good grip of your wiener and plug it in!

5.-What are your influences? What metal and no metal bands do you prefer? What is hidden in the finnish underground that really hits? Reccommend us something....
My influences in Finntroll´s music are some bands like Otyg, Bal-Sagoth and Polka music in general. (especially Polish polka music!!!!!) For metal bands I am very fond of e.g. Bathory, Cannibal Corpse, Merciless, Thyrfing, Bal-Sagoth, Napalm Death, old Burzum, old Ulver, Autopsy, old Fear Factory, Hades (nor) and way more. For not-so-metal I prefer Rick Wakeman, Camel, Garmarna, Gentle Giant, Richard Wagner, Danny Elfman, Arvo Pärt, Jerry Goldsmith, Annbjörg Lien, Pekka Pohjola and Frank Zappa, to name a few. Eventually, I listen more to non-metal stuff nowadays.
The Finnish UG-scene used to be better some years ago, as now I think everyone are just copying everyone, which is sad. For the more original bands I can recommend The Wicked (post-industrial ambient/classical Black), Woods Of Belial (Industrial Doom, very good! Debut album, "Deimos XIII", should be out soon), Turisas (in the vein of Karelian folk music-meets-Bal-Sagoth) and Ajattara. (in the vein of Celtic Frost and old Bathory, very oppressing!)

6.- We can appreciate a deep change on your sound from Midnattens Widunder to Jaktens Tid, not only in the production, is your new CD going to follow this ascension?
No. The new album will be much rawer, meaner and more cruel. In other words, more TROLLISH. We will most likely reduce a lot of the synth-work (all the pads/choirs whatsoever), and try to get a bit more closer to the "Midnattens Widunder"-sound, as we have discussen on this matter within the band. We are totally fed up with overproduced Power Metal, heh, as I tend to call "Jaktens Tid".

7.-What are your lyrics about?, as you can imagine i don´t understand almost anything!!!! But I think that they sound lovely perfect.
Finntroll´s lyrics are full of hatred towards priests, cherishing of the Trollish way, battles and drinking. Also Nature has an important role in our lyrics. If you want for the English translations, commend yer browsers to and find out e.g. what happens on Kitteldags or Bastuvisan!!!!!

8.-Tell us something about girlie underwear....
Hmmm..... they should be always made of lace and be transparent red. What else? I can´t fit those on!!!!!! Now do you want to hear of my underpants? :D

9.-Tell us something about your fauvorite drinks, i am not very original, always Whisky cola... Should I try a "kill you" listening to darkthrone?
Please, for your own safety, don´t drink "Kill You". I can recommend a drink that we made, which is called "Vermin". It includes 2 centilitres of Vermouth and 2 centilitres of Mint Liqueour (40%). The taste comes really close between toothpaste and mouth water. Needless to say, it´s bad as Hel, but hey, it´s VERMIN!!!!! ;) If you feel shy, don´t hesitate to add some Sprite into it, and it will taste way more better. The other drink I can warmly recommend is "The Death of the Road Crew", which contains 4cl of Jägermeister, 4cl of Mint Liqueour (again that 40%) and 4cl of Fernet-Branca. Now, drink two of these and *swooooosh*, all the memories of the nicely started evening will be gone. And you´ll be very, VERY drunk. And remember, this is a shot, not a "drink".

10.-Does Somnium really use lace undies?xDDD
No, but last summer he bought strings!!!!!!! *pukes* He has also shaved his genital area, and likes to show it especially to me whenever we are at bar, so there is definitely something very sick inside this guy. Well, we are have our feminine sides. :D

11.-Well i hoped you enjoied it, now i let you to tel whatever that may interest our readers an your listeners. THANKS
I´m sorry that some of the answers were a bit short, but I really am no expert on interviews considering Finntroll, as this the second I´ve ever made. Anyway, thanks for the interview, and for all the Spanish readers: Beba más cerveza, escuche Finntroll y estancia brutal!!!!!!! And whenever you have time, feel free to participate on our discussion forum in Just say I sent you. ;) Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Interview: Fran

"Midnattens Widunder" 1999 Spikefarm
"Jaktens Tid" 2001 Spikefarm/Century Media
"Visor Om Sluet" 2003


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